We just published a new game, made in six days for the Weekly Game Jam 138.

Slaughter Heist is a visual novel filled with puzzles about a hacker trying to save her cow friend from slaughter.

Download at: cybergnose-cafe.itch.io/slaugh

A Ride To Love is out!
Download our Death Grips visual novel for free on PC, Mac, Linux or Android here: cybergnose-cafe.itch.io/artl

Yo what's up let's a have lol
Reply with your Bob (that guy) art and we'll pick a winner and send them uuuuh, signed Bob art and a chocolate bar.

Also Bob is from our Citizen Witch, playable here cybergnose-cafe.itch.io/citize

Just published RoboCreator, a short cyberpunk interactive story by Michael Hill and @Spica !
Playable on your browser, on your PC or mobile:

BRRRMM, un jeu en multijoueur local asymétrique , à l'esthétique inspirée par la harsh noise
Disponible gratuitement sur PC Windows

On vient de mettre à jour notre jeu de plateau, Ball Escort. Maintenant il n'est plus moche.
Il est disponible gratuitement en Print'n Play
Imprimez-le, assemblez-le, jouez et dites-nous ce que vous en pensez, ça nous aidera à l'améliorer

we gonna shoot a and we made a map to make sure we do not get lost on our way!! it gonna be great


STEP 1: Piss in a bottle

STEP 2: 🤫🤫🤫

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