@Yahiko @Chat2Gouttieres hahahaha, çà revient çà !

(bon là c'est du fleureut hein, pas de l'épée mais bon...)
Venez essayer l'escrime oui, çà défoule...
(mai sbon le masque il est à troutrous hein... et on ne porte qu'un gant (main armée...)

@Phipe @Yahiko @Chat2Gouttieres oué et moi j'en ai fait, même quand ils approchaient à moins d'un mètre c'est eux qui me poignardaient et pas l'inverse

@bekopharm @Chat2Gouttieres
We do have #polearms in #HEMA! Poleaxes, spears, staves...

This summer I've been working with my students through some elements taken from «Le Jeu de la Hache», and a review of liechtenauer-related sources for polearms. It was great fun!

@bekopharm @Chat2Gouttieres

This is a small video-recap we made of three defences against an incoming downwards strike from a #polearm (a #spear , a #mordaxt, #poleaxe or even #staff, it doesn't really matter).


Keep in mind this is supposed to be technique for #harnischfechten (full plate combat, late XIV or XV centuries), which explains why the opponent is trying to land a solid strike rathern than lighter pokes which would work against an unarmored opponent.


@Chat2Gouttieres the best way to fight the coronavirus. This should be adapted everywhere, cause if this doesn't keep people at a distance, nothing will.

@Chat2Gouttieres Text:

FENCING: The perfect COVID-19 sport

* Masks
* Gloves
* If anybody gets closer than 6 feet to you, you stab them.

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