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Caetano Veyssières

Bonne année à tous !
Pour lancer 2018, un petit add-on pour Blender que je viens de créer :
Backface Hiding : il permet de cacher les polygones qui tournent le dos à la vue 3D en mode Edit, un peu comme Backface Culling mais en cachant vraiment tout. Utile pour faire de la retopologie en mode X-Ray par exemple.
Téléchargez-le sur Github et donnez-moi vos retours :

@dpreacher yes it's the handle you got a screenshot of.
But I think my instance is just buggy. Look, now I see a reply from someone in, but not any other.

Decided to give a quick try at @Yafaray for its caustics-only pass...
uuuhhh... Why isn't EVERYONE doing this ?

Remember that no matter what you see tomorrow, people were harmed in the making of that movie. 🤣 😜 😍 😍

The new Cycles denoiser is so amazing ! We can finally stop trying to convince ourselves that noise has its own "charm".