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Caetano Veyssières @ChameleonScales

@BryanLunduke Do you know about Mooltipass ?
Looks like a cool free software project/device for privacy

@BryanLunduke between librem 5 and fairphone 2, which phone would you pick ?

🇬🇧 For those who like Creative Commons and other free to use musics, have a go at my playlist and give suggestions !
🇫🇷 Pour ceux qui aiment les musiques Creative Commons ou sous autres licences libres de droit, essayez ma playlist et donnez vos suggestions !

:flag_cp: énigme/rébus de pseudo-physique : Show more

@manujarvinen that could make for a fun animation : the truck with big wheels going to the right with confidence and arrogance, then out of the frame we hear him screaming like a little girl and see him come back shaking with small wheels, looking left and right.
And then we see a big porcupine walk in from the right.

@manujarvinen @manujarvinen it's like a monster truck got very scared and is going away shaking, tail between the legs.

@dpreacher awesome ! I wasn't the only one to suggest that though.

@manujarvinen @Lapineige it seems all the feature requests are asked in the github page but there doesn't seem to be the one you want. Maybe you can add it.

@Lapineige @manujarvinen oh, of course. You'd get notifications all the time otherwise. I understand what Manu wants now. But does twitter even have that ?

@manujarvinen doesn't it notify you if you follow that person ?

@LaQuadrature Bonjour, j'ai remarqué à plusieurs reprises que certaines réponses à un toot venant d'autres instances ne s'affichent pas depuis mamot, et certains résultats de recherche d'utilisateurs non plus. Les réponses venant d'instances majeures comme ou s'affichent mais pas les autres. Est-ce un choix de la quadrature du net ou est-ce un bug ?

@dpreacher I'll have to get in touch with the owners of my instance.

@dpreacher yes it's the handle you got a screenshot of.
But I think my instance is just buggy. Look, now I see a reply from someone in, but not any other.

10 million views in 3 days for a student animated short film, I've never seen that. Beautiful btw.

I feel ridiculous saying this but only now do I truly understand normal maps.
However I feel a bit less ridiculous saying I figured it all by myself.
❤ 💚 💙
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I would obviously take extreme care of it.