Sometimes we get concerned inquiries about apps in #FDroid targeting old #android SDK versions. Targeting newer SDK versions does strengthen the sand-boxing, but it also breaks features used by apps. Google puts those kinds of restrictions in because users don’t trust proprietary apps, since most are constantly trying to steal user data. F-Droid reviews all apps from source to prevent that, so we don’t need to break features to gain privacy.

What the fuck.? What the fuck??? Whatttttt


Subtle Style, developers of Akatsuki Blitzkampf and En-Eins Perfektewelt, has announced that En-Eins Perfektewelt Anastasis will be releasing in arcades in 2022 in Japan as part of the 10th anniversary of its release in arcades.


web0 manifesto

“…web0 is web3 without all the corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley bullshit.”

Sign your name and join me in starting the year as you mean to go on: without tolerating any bullshit.

Happy New Year! :)

#web0 #SmallWeb #SmallTech

Fuck you, Apple.
Fuck you, Google.
Fuck you, Facebook.
Fuck you, Big Tech.
Fuck you, Silicon Valley.

And the warmest season’s greetings and a happy new year to everyone else!

🎄⛄️ ❄️ 🎁 🎉

#CultureUX #DarkPattern

Le confirmshaming, est un dark pattern qui consiste à culpabiliser l’utilisateur lorsque ce dernier refuse des options proposées par le site. Cela est formulée de manière à lui faire honte.
Exemple ci-dessous, une pop-up qui demande de désactiver l'add blocker, et le lien de refus s'intitule "I am a bad person"

Hey, @Poverty_FGC, where are we going to see some Koihime action in this account? One of the most underrated Footsies-based fighting games ever made.

Être adulte c'est aussi prendre le choix d'un rabattant de WC beaucoup trop au sérieux en sélectionnant selon au moins 5 critères très précis.
(Je tiens à préciser que ce pouet n'est pas un appel à l'aide.)

A great #OpenSource project by Spanish students helps you to easily check how to take back your data from Big Tech such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and more.
😎 💪 Check it out:

TIL that made its own client, called "FedEvent". Basically, it's an event-making platform. An alternative to centralized services like or .

It's really cool. Shib informed about it in a casual discussion, but I do think that it has an interesting potential. I wonder if anybody in the Fediverse thought about doing the same thing, or building on top of it.

Yay! FGC in the Fediverse!
Thanks @Poverty_FGC and GBL for their incredible work with smaller scenes in the FGC.

Bon. Ben, ça fait un bout de temps, donc je dépoussière mon compte Fediverse.

Malheureusement, je suis surtout sur Twitter et Facebook, vu que je parle surtout de l'actualité autour de l'esport et des jeux de combat, et ce n'est pas un sujet majoritaire ici.

Mais je supporte toujours le projet global.

Just to tell that I'm still alive. I might focus my writing work on Quora, but I'm still hesitating.

I don't have a lot to share on the Fediverse, unfortunately. The network-effect forces me to spend time on Twitter. In the end, it's all about reach.

Let's dust that fediverse account off with some gud and fresh / .

One Bit - Back to You (ft. Laura White) (René LaVice Jungle Remix)

Yeah, I'm GREAT!


mental health 

i have a major serotonin imbalance and it really fucks with me

i'd really appreciate a few likes and retweets so i can get some minor relief from this suffering
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