If you're a enthusiast, I'd like to hear some opinions on a variation of the game. The picture is the rules.

Created by David Sirlin, it's basically Chess with the ability to chose a different army, with different rules. There's also interesting new universal rules, like the Dueling or the Midline Invasion.

The only thing I hate about it is its name.

Btw, I've totally stolen @aral's "Bullshit Tree" analogy on a comment I recently did on Reddit. But the subject is practically the same subject. Especially within an industry like Esports, that are more than plagued by and .

I feel like I'm having some sort of Network-Effect blues.

I'm into . And I can't turn my eyes on the fact that the Fediverse would be a perfect way to develop a esport around. Like, everything is there to start federations that gets away from having to deal with corporate companies like publishers.

But the stops it from happening, because too much people are on Twitter and LoL, to grow an alternative market around a more ethical ground for players and watchers.

I recently asked a commission from @PyannyVan on Twitter. She drew me this.

Forgot to mention it here, but I'm proud to announce that I'm an Esport Writer, specialized in the , for a site called Esports Wizard.
This is exciting to me. That's not much, but it can help me open some doors in this industry.

Fediverse is a bad place to come to if you’re running from a fight

J'ai l'impression de commencer à avoir une bonne timeline perso, là. C'était Ghost Town, avant. C'est un peu mieux, là.
J'ai toujours l'impression que les sujets que j'ai sur Twitter, ceux qui m'intéressent vraiment, j'aurais réellement du mal à les voir sur le Fediverse, par contre.

Je travaille dans un DARTY, une cliente arrive :
- cheveux bleus métalliques.
- coupe au bol.
- veste d'homme sur les épaules, elle n'a pas mis les manches.
- chaussures compensées avec des talons épais.

is now, folks.

C'est marrant, @come, le lyonnais, me suit sur le Fediverse, juste avant que je parte pour Lyon moi-même.

> walk in the streets
> Giorgio Moroder in ears
> "74"
> I cross a guy with a hockey shirt
> "is the new"
> the number matches the sample of Giorgio
> "24"

Le win.

Extended Codice Interview With Rai 1


I was recently featured in an episode of a technology show called Codice on Italian national television channel Rai 1. I just stumbled on an extended cut they released on YouTube where I’m talking about cyborg rights (human rights in the digital/networked age), surveillance capitalism, and ethical design.

You can watch the segment on my site without being tracked by Google/Alphabet, Inc.

RT @itsjamesherring@twitter.com
A street artist has been improving Facebook billboards across London.

h/t @protestencil@twitter.com

@frootyram3n@todon.nl Welcome to the Fediverse, Froot'.

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