Depending on shipping scheduling, I may be moving to a really old device whilst I await my : rides again. Well, if it takes a charge.

@Amgine oh my! You need bumped to front of the line!

@nickh <chuckles> Definitely not—I hate queue jumpers.

It is not, however, taking a charge. I will see if I can determine if it is battery, or micro USB socket. I really do not want add to my carbon footprint, but it would be hard to justify spending more to fix this than a burner temporary dumb phone from 7-11.

@Amgine Oh, I hope yours is an easy fix! I am right with you on that.

I am either going to replace me daily driver phone's screen (very badly craked at the top) or wait for the PinePhone. I was late to find out about the Librem 5 and it's possible i will be waiting for some time for that.

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