Some days ago, I've started to work on a small tool to validate sitemaps.
Works offline and (notably) checks all the URLs are correct and indexable.


@Deuchnord Works offline and checks that URLs respond? I don't understand that part very well

Nice project, tho! Could be useful for some things on my side

(Psss fstrings are great)

"Works offline and checks that URLs respond?"
It can, if you ask it to crawl a sitemap on localhost and that its URLs use localhost 😄

"Psss fstrings are great"
Yeah I saw you were using this syntax, but I personally prefer the "sprintf" syntax. Not a big fan of putting variables in the middle of strings ^^

@Deuchnord Okay, that's a valid interpretation of “offline HTTP requests” I guess :D

I found them more readable as you directly see what is where at the same place (with percent-syntax we have to scan tokens then look after what they are, and it is more verbose)—but it's a personal preference, of course :) Just in case you weren't aware of them.

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