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« Cette histoire de restitution de grand débat, c’est debile.
Ils disent 2 millions de contrib’ il dépouillent en deux jours.
Et tombent pile sur le programme de Macron.
Et la presse relaie.
Et ils pensent que ça se voit pas.
À samedi. » - Bruno Gaccio

Quand tu te connectes sur le serveur du client...

> 226 packages can be updated.
> 12 updates are security updates.
> New release '18.04.2 LTS' available.
> Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it.
> *** System restart required ***

Bonjour le presta qui gère le serveur...

Today the fine community working on is having a bug day. Idea is to update long standing bugs, make sure bugs are bugs and not support request. If you use and want to give back, take 5 minutes today and join the party all the details are at , if you're too busy, just boost/Retweet so other people are aware and can give a hand.

This dude is amazing, feel like I'm watching a relatable stand-up comedian.
"Is It Time to Rewrite the Operating System in Rust?"

Bonjour ! On attaque le ménage de printemps ? ⌨️

Current status: writing application for 😀

Non-comprehensive list of projects which use email-driven development:

- Linux & git (you knew this already)
- *BSD
- gcc, clang
- coreutils, busybox
- glibc, musl libc, newlib
- ffmpeg
- qemu, VirtualBox
- PostgreSQL, MariaDB
- Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and most other large Linux distros

The sourcehut philosophy is not to make less powerful tools for less experienced users, but to educate those users on how to use the powerful tools. is the first part of that, and next up is going to be

3 Diplômes de perdus, une vie de retrouvée -

« Si tu continues comme ça, tu vas finir à H.E.C. ! »

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