**Hell site** [Spoiler: read Twitter] by @aral

"The algorithms of people farmers like Twitter and Facebook are shit-stirring assholes that get off on causing as much conflict and controversy as possible."

@9x0rg @aral Well, by simply using any 3rd party client for Twitter most of the negatives effects like the algorithm timeline can be mitigated. If you liked the early twitter, this is your way to go until we could teach the masses to use alternative, decentralized platforms instead or in parallel.

@publicvoit Been using the Twidere client from F-droid myself for a while now: ( but I'm not sure it mitigates the algorithm running on the feed?


@9x0rg @aral My Talon Android app doesn't know anything else than linear timeline. No ads, no algorithm that filters or prioritizes my time-line.

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