We need to get past the point where the general public thinks you're a strange child for using end-to-end encrypted apps, such as Signal, even in the case when you're merely a concerned ordinary citizen who disagrees with illegal and uncontrolled mass surveillance.

I feel closer and closer to merging myself with myself.

Thanks for the warm welcome! I indeed got a deep neural rewire the day I saw for the first time. The felt both like an actual memory and a geniune, present feeling. It will always be about leaning at his balcony over sax and the most beautiful matte paintings as a backdrop. Hell, I even wrote about it (in French — I guess certain things can only be expressed in your mother tongue) francoisbruneau.com/blog/blade . See you around folks!

@Cherylb never accept a mundane description when poetic will suffice. Life is to strange and beautiful for our misconceptions of normalcy. @thegibson

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