Reminder: there is a mailing list for #PeerTube administrators in which you are notified of releases/info and where you can ask for help to maintain your instance:

(if you don't have a peertube instance and have questions, please use the forum ( instead)

@Chocobozzz If I may express a form of criticism...

This soft' is super cool as I expressed before, but its infra (documentation, forum and such) being spread other various websites does not make it look good but rather messy or draft-like.

Having the code in github and gitlab is fine, but the doc and forum should be on the same website. (Or domain)

(Or the forum should be an exported portal from framacolibri virtualhost-like as

Hope I get understood fine.

@22Decembre Sure you are but we don't have sufficient resources to maintain 1 forum per software we develop at Framasoft. I'm not sure we can expose 2 URLs for the same Discourse, and I fear it would be confusing for users (sometime there would be framacolibri links, sometime links).


@Chocobozzz Yeah, but still...

Just keep it in mind for further discussion on how to improve stuff.

And making sure everything is linked together.

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@22Decembre I'll try to improve documentation/guides/contributing guide in the next months. Thanks for your feedback :+1:

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