Today, curiosity beat me.

I wanted to see what @snikket_im is like.

So I just rented that 0,5cent/hr VPS to test it.

Copy pasting 7 or 8 commands from @heurekus Docker tutorial,
copy pasting the docker-compose, snikket.conf and configuring 3 dns names.

I did not take the exact time, but Hetzner eMail says the VPS was ready at 19:39 and here i am, tooting about snikket is running, having 2 clients already connected...

WOW.. please continue this project!

so, to sum this up: for less than 4€ a month and ~30 minutes of work, you can run #xmpp for yourself, friends and family on a VPS and you can federated with many other xmpp-servers...



And for €40/year you can sign up five users onto your very own professionally maintained domain:

If you're privacy conscious chances are you're already paying for email hosting, and you're definitely paying for your phone + service, so why wouldn't you pay for instant messaging?

@0 Yeah. It requires some effort and only a little money to not use WhatsApp and use something open which can federate.

According to a recent survey, a third of users would pay 5€ a month for services like Whatsapp and even Google search, if it would be more privacy friendly.

And i'm not saying everyone should run their own server, its good enough when one does it for their circle.

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