We're *really* excited to announce the sponsorship of end-to-end encrypted group chats (OMEMO) in Siskin, the #ios #xmpp client! One step closer to an excellent XMPP experience on Apple devices :)




If it solves your donor's problem, fine. I just hope your donor does not use for business comms though, because they might be disappointed to realise that so-called forward secrecy conflicts with important business needs such as traceability and persistence.

Try reading chatroom history from a new device if someone there is using encryption.

The primary use case for Snikket is not business messaging, but personal. Traceability and persistence are not goals.

There are certainly features lost and usability concerns added when end-to-end encryption with forward secrecy is used, but it is our job to minimize this impact while maximizing users' privacy.

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