Do you know anyone who left #Slack? I mean: for good?

If so, how is he/she going? Dying alone in a digital desert? Receiving threats for snobbing The Rest of Us?

I'm seriously considering freeing myself from it.

@bzg we used Slack at my last employer. At my current one, we started using Teams just a few months ago. I've been a longtime IRC user though, so i never see these things as anything more than fancier IRC networks.

@coldacid @bzg Isn't use of Slack dictated by project managers and not subordinate project members? Other than bitching and moaning, I don't see how a regular employee could refuse to use Slack unless it's a dysfunctional organization.

My company doesn't use Slack. We use Skypeforbusiness text messaging for most things that were phone calls 25 years ago. Project communication is all in asynchronous issue trackers and wikis.


> I don't see how a regular employee could refuse to use

By signing up you are creating a between them and you. Assuming that you live in a country where freedom of association is a protected right (any liberal ), your employer cannot demand that you enter into an agreement with a random third party. All the more so if they don't even provide coverage.

@coldacid @bzg


@progo @coldacid @bzg

Not using that kind of siloed crap is easier than you think. Just do it.

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