My opinion is: #Signal is the best we have!
Let's criticize what is shitty but also acknowledge what it has archived. There is no sense in telling people that #Signal is no better than #WhatsApp or something like that. Signal is constantly improving and I wouldn't know how to do better.

@heimdall Nope and I'll never install this piece of shit 👎 That's all for now,I'm getting bored of naming thousands of reasons again and again only to get ignored anyway.

@nipos @heimdall Thesis: People calling out Software like #Signal with phrases like „piece of shit“ are part of the problem disapproving great steps and accomplishments achieved by people like Moxie and of course dozens of others.

Not realizing #XMPP with its various half-finished clients is and will not be the solution for the problems we have and nevertheless advising against huge steps forward discrediting the efforts of those advocates will result in endless standstill.



Yes, Benham's “great steps” & “accomplishments” started with (well, actually before that with the crap that he milked the shit out of).

Not sure if you're , don't mind if I block you in any case. 🤦🤦🤦

@nipos @heimdall

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