> I discover a lot of new projects on a regular basis and almost none, I have discovered via Github itself.

Bloke has a point there. With that said, the place is to be viewed as a social media / job site. It “competes” against 's own .

The code hosting bit is only to attract users and completely incidental to its intended purpose. Microsoft are perfectly capable of hosting code and could have knocked up a public forge in five minutes of they had wanted.


And now that we ranted, how about proposing a solution?

Mine: the only player that currently has the funds, power and to some extent appetite to face is the + important national governments (, ). With out and thus less likely to throw a spanner in the works, that is the one *credible* option.

Amongst all the oxygen wasters in the and national parliaments we do have a few capable people, do get in touch and participate.

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