@debacle @0 yo might if you want
a possible peer support chat rather than a one-on-one, but either way is possible.

xmpp-web looks super new. It's not ready for anything. ConverseJS is pretty mature and good for anything, but it really suffers from its design making it look really dated.


All good points, and 0142 is one I wasn't aware of, I'll go through that one (bedtime reading 🙂). Aliases is one feature I'd certainly like to see in .

If I were to implement this I probably wouldn't use a full-blown chat client, though we do use (which I don't agree looks dated btw!) for internal comms. I'd just code a simple form with two text areas and use one of the JavaScript XMPP libraries to talk to the server.



@mike @debacle

> It probably should not be a fixed JID, but a randomly generated one. Otherwise replies by helpdesk go to all open web clients in parallel

Not if you direct the response to a specific resource (obviously this account wouldn't use carbons). The resource itself would be session specific though.

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