Hold on to you Xmas money! Orders for your next @Kubuntu -based power laptop open mid-January.


Sod .

Get any decent laptop and run @opensuse or in it.

At least they do care about upstream.


@0 isn't Ubuntu a bit more newbie friendly than #manjaro and opensuse since it is more widely used?



I don't know if it's “more user friendly” or “more used”, or how one could establish a link of causality.

The reason why it's perhaps more widely known to the general public is the standard one: more and better and .

There's no secret to it. 🤷

@0 hmm haven't thought this marketing view tbh... But for example me being a newbie and trying to find an app that is not in the software manager since it is compiled in .deb only, then I have to either compile it myself or trust a user in AUR that has already done it...not a very often case but it happens. Other than that I thing that Manjaro is interesting distro.

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