(Certains liens sont susceptibles de ne plus être à jour, si vous en connaissez d'autre n'hésitez pas à les signaler !)

Francophone :
@libe (Libération)
@mdiplo (Le Monde diplomatique)
@lemonde (Le Monde)
@franceinter (France Inter)
@afpfr (AFP)
@TV5Monde (TV5 Monde)

Anglophone :
@theguardian (The Guardian)



I think it's important to distinguish between bots and non-bots.

To my knowledge, only @mdiplo and @TV5Monde are run by actual people, whether in an official capacity or not I have no idea.

The account of magazine @sapienciaoccitana although not on that list, is also run by humans.

The only confirmed official news account that I know is that of newspaper @elpuntavui which advertises their presence on their website.


Yup, you're right, I'll add that. Thanks!

@0 @erou @mdiplo @TV5Monde @elpuntavui Our account is run by humans, explicitely by the creator of sapienciaoccitana, the science and history news magazine in occitan language

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