I'm soo happy to see that KDE and GNOME are finally working closer together. This should have happened years ago. I hope it is not too late to build a bigger app ecosystem together zdnet.com/article/gnome-and-kd

@Karlitschek I am a bit skeptical. Just a few month ago some Gnome app developers explicitly wanted no theme-ing of their apps because that would destroy the supposed app experience and now the same people should work together to build a common ecosystem?


In that case, their software is not open source. Can you give specific examples?

Besides, the point of theming *is* to “destroy” the app's default experience, and it is not for the author to question the reasons for it.

Like , software is not complete until it's in the hands of its users (cf. “L'opera aperta”, , 1962).

Ok, it is a reasoned request not a restriction. I don't see any problem with that.

@0 Yeah, it is a request, but I fail to see why it is any app developers business whether a distro wants to have Xfce or Mate or Cinnamon or KDE and not vanilla GNOME. I personally will not use any of these apps anymore and will advice people not to use them if asked.


If I understood correctly, they say it is because things look different than on the screenshots and manuals (wonder how many of them actually have manuals).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting their reasons are any good, but they *are* reasons and they're just making a request. That is perfectly fine – they took the trouble to develop those apps so they're perfectly entitled to their opinions.

I can't say I heard of any of them applications, but then again the last time I had anything to do with was about 15 years ago, and that was a developer, not user.

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